Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In other news...

So...for those of you who aren't in the know we have had some pretty big news brewing around here. We are going to be a family of eight...baby #6 is on his/her way this Summer. It has taken us a while to get our heads around this and to say this was a complete surprise would be the understatement of the year....I was at the point where in life that I didn't want to do do the baby thing again. I didn't long for a baby. Seeing little babies at the mall didn't not make my uterus quiver. I was content to be a mom to five, to finally get some time to myself, to be able to go away with my girlfriends and my husband sans children. I am sure I sound selfish and unappreciative but it is honest.

Now that I am in my second trimester and have seen the baby on ultrasound and felt the first kicks, I am better. I am still in a state of denial at times but I am sure as the weeks go by I will get more and more excited to meet this new little person. So, stay tuned....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A few pics of the house...

I haven't had much time to decorate but I thought I would post a few pictures of what we have so far...


Dining area as seen from the kitchen.

Living room as seen from the dining room.

Kitchen and dining room as seen from the family room.

I will try and do the rest of the main floor and the upstairs and basement soon!

Friday, January 1, 2010

I am not dead...

How much do you want to bet that Facebook has been the demise of many a blog? I feel like I "talk" and "share" with my Facebook friends so much that the blog becomes a bit redundant. Seeing that it is a new year, I am going to give the blog another whirl, although I have a feeling everyone has forgotten it ever existed in the first place!

Everyone around here is doing well. The kids are all doing great at school, Sam has adapted to the life of a kindergartner, Wil to the life of a pre-schooler. The three older kids all seem to have taken the first term seriously and brought me home lovely report cards. Grace continues to ride horses and continues to beg for one of her own just as often. Ty is still in the throes of hockey and although he isn't thrilled with this years team and/or coach he still loves the game. Kelsey found herself a seasonal job working at a fancy lotion/soap store over the Christmas season which pretty much drained the life out of Phil and I with all the driving we had to do. I am thrilled she will be able to get her license this Summer!

The new house is great and I am slowly getting it to look less like a boring house and more like a cozy home. The new added space s awesome and I finally conceded and hired a cleaning lady to come every second week to do the stuff I hate to do. The best part is that she doesn't smell like stale smoke and onions. I find such gratification in coming home and finding my entire house clean from top to bottom and knowing it wasn't me who had to do it. I will get some pictures taken and post them for all to see soon.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Please help...

Adoption is a strange thing. It has the ability to create friendships between people who have never met "in the real world". I have "met" many amazing women through the adoption process. One of whom needs our help. Corey at http://watchingthewaters.wordpress.com/ has been to me, one of the most inspiring women I have met thus far. She has answered my questions, offered suggestions, etc to help Wil and his transition to life in our family. I am sure am not the only one who looks up to her....she needs our help. Please go to her blog and read her story.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hard to believe...

It makes my brain hurt to think that five years ago today, at this very time I was in the hospital nursery giving Sam his very first bath...he was five hours old and we we just hanging out getting ready to go home...There is no way for me to express in words how much I love this little boy. He is my heart.

Leaving the hospital~12 hours old.

Five years later...

Time has a way of just sneaking up on you, doesn't it?

Love you, buddy.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bullet Update

I am alive but with Summer and five kids I have found it more than difficult to get on and blog...so here is a rundown of the last several weeks.

* Wil is cornering the market on being defiant and even after parenting four other kids through the "threes" I am lost on what to do. He seems to listen to Phil but looks right at me and does whatever he is not supposed to do. I am hopeful that come Sept and school starting it will improve as he will have more one on one time with me.

* Sam turns five tomorrow and to say that I am a bit weepy is the understatement of the year. It is hard for me to even come to terms with the fact that five years ago today I was trudging along with broken water waiting for labour to begin and now here we are five years later. I ache for him to be small again...

* The new house is coming along and we have a move-in date of October 22, about a month after what we initially thought. Thankfully the buyers of this house were willing to push back their possession with the help of some money...

* My refresher nursing course is gross. Enough said.

* I am attempting to buy furniture for the new house and am finding that I am the most indecisive human being on Earth.

* The kids start back at school next Thursday and I am not ready for that either. Summer goes by far too fast around here.

* Phil and I spent three days in Vegas at the end of July. I cannot express in words how nice it was to have three solid days with only adults. The shopping was great, the food was awesome, and we saw Seinfeld, who by the way, was beyond funny.

* I have many pictures to post but no time as I just saw Wil shove raisins in the cats mouth...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A trivial rundown of the Bachelorette

I have to say that I was pretty excited about the Bachelorette this season. After all she was Canadian, seemed sweet and well spoken. I have come to realize that she may actually be the most annoying one ever. I am not sure what is wrong with her. A chronic sinus condition, a deviated septum, a cocaine addiction? But why is she always congested? I just want to reach through the tv and blow her nose for her. And what is with that revolting squeal? Soooo annoying.

Then there is her nasty habit of talking too much. What I once thought was just a girl with a firm grasp on the English language is now a girl who won't shut up. For example, if she was asked about her overnight date with Ed she would say something along the lines of " I just think that the emotional toll is finally catching up with us and our firm belief in our affection towards each other is being tested due to the infinite amount of stress we are under. Therefor the physical aspect of our relationship suffered as a manifestation of the enormous burden we are shouldering at this so very stressful time". Now ask that question to a normal person and they would say "Ed can't get a boner". Yup, I said it. Ed can't get a boner.

Speaking of Ed...dear sweet Ed. I have to say that he has been my fave since the beginning. He looks like Denny from Grey's Anatomy and I love Denny, so instant bonus points. In addition to his cuteness he seems mature, normal, grounded, and reasonably intelligent....But my love for Ed was tested this week. The first blow was when he decided that short green bathing trunks were acceptable, and I mean short. As far as I am concerned no man should show thigh when wearing a bathing suit. I am pretty sure he borrowed them from Marcia Brady. They were too short, too tight, and too gross. Then...did you see what he wore to the rose ceremony? What the Hell was that? It looked to be a pale blue or possibly lavender seersucker sports coat? Am I right? What was he thinking? He looked like he was going to an Easter egg hunt! And what was with his bowl cut hair-do? Was it windy? Was Dumb and Dumber his favorite movie? Not good Ed, not good at all.

Then there is Kypton. From the neck down this man is impeccable. I am pretty sure if you cut off his head he would be the poster child for "Hunky Men Weekly". Unfortunately removal of ones head is not possible so we are left with Dumbo man. Why oh why, does he not have those bad boys pinned down? I think a magic feather is in order for this lad. And since we are on the topic of his cranium...I am pretty sure it is empty. I don't think this guy is very bright. I don't mean he is not a member of MENSA. I mean, he more than likely needs an "R" and "L" written on his shoes to help him out. The blank stare would get old real fast.

Slim pickings this year....